You have to start somewhere... why not Italy?

As I re-boot my studying of chess, I was thinking I would start by reviewing the Italian Game and working on it in matches and with the computer. 

To review, The Italian Game is characterized by this opening:

Now to review the specifics ins and outs, and where to go after white's bishop to c4m, I'd like to recommend a video. I found this fantastic video from by a channel I subscribe to on YouTube called "thechesswebsite." 

Even though I have been playing for years, I am an utter novice when it comes to theory, so he breaks it down very nicely and I realized I need to review a couple of other items he mentions as well: 

  • Blackburn Shilling Attack

  • Fried Liver Attack

  • The Rousseau Gambit

Be sure to check out his channel if you haven't already.  His content is fantastic.