Why did I hang my queen? She was innocent!

So I've been studying... doing puzzles... meeting with my coach... watching videos. Seeing improvement!

Then... in a live, timed 30 min game I manage to hang my queen on turn 12!

Yeah, I'm a Patzer. But I hadn't hung my queen in WEEKS!

I was so frustrated with myself. My mouse pointer was hovering over the resign button. Then I figured... nah, I'll play it out and see if I can outmaneuver him.

So clearly at that point, I was losing pretty badly. Then around turn 27 I started to really use what I've learned. I proceeded to dance my rook and bishop around my opponent's king.

Slowly checking him with discovered checks... and then again... and then again.

Slowly I managed to chip away at his pieces. His bishop... his queen... his rook.

Until finally, I danced him into a mate. Now I see I could have done it two turns earlier.

Here is the game. Jump to turn 27 where I turn the tide.

I'm not sharing this to boast... I'm still a patzer rated in the 800s and have nothing to brag about.  But...

I am seeing improvement in my game!  And that's what this journey is all about.