Week 3 with my coach

So this past weekend was week 3 with my coach.  We had a great meeting on Friday evening to review my progress and work on some opening theory with me.  

Thus far, I'm very happy that I jumped in and started working with a coach.  He has been exceptional at finding my areas of weakness, which are many.  But he is helping me work on these areas through my puzzle schedule and reviewing games.

I've also garnered many pearls of wisdom from him regarding gameplay.  For example, just the idea of avoiding doubled pawns (likewise, causing doubled pawns for your opponent) was a new concept for me when we discussed this a few weeks ago. 

Another pearl of wisdom was that when I am faced with a situation where I must choose which pawn should capture an opposing piece and it is on my side of the board, I should give strong consideration to capturing toward the center.  I mean, this just makes sense, right? 

But even basic pearls of wisdom like this are new to me and have already been very helpful.

A simple post like this can't really do justice to all that I have learned from my sessions with my coach but, hopefully, it demonstrates what I am garnering from our sessions.

Back to the board...