Veterans and Chess

Every once in a while I come across something on the web about chess that makes me realize that the benefits of the game extend beyond our simple love of the game.

One such story that I came across was the recent blog posting by the Veterans Administration (VA) about the integration of chess into their service offerings at the Detroit VA Medical Center.

The Detroit VA started a Detroit veterans team, who call themselves the Checkmates. They meet weekly for practices and recently joined together in a tournament in Chicago.

Often, veterans are reluctant to ask for help.  The VA has been able to use the chess team to connect with veterans in a non-clinical setting and foster veteran-veteran connections as well for mutual support.   Their hope is that these connections will open the door for those who need help, but might not otherwise ask for it.

What a brilliant and heart-warming story! You can read the full story here: Click here for the full story.

What type of hidden benefits of chess have you stumbled across? If you have found one, please share it in the comments below!