I'll takes seconds of that fried liver, please!

So how did the Fried Liver Attack get its name? I did a web search and found some interesting clues.

Despite it having a name that sounds rather contemporary, this particular attack has been around for centuries. The earliest known game with this attack was played in 1606.

The name itself is derived from the name that the Italians gave this attack: the "Fegatello attack." The Italian translation of the word fegatello is literally "liver."

According to Wikipedia and numerous other chess sites, there is an Italian idiom that translates "dead as a piece of liver." However, I could not find any evidence that such an idiom exists in Italian. (Do you know something more about this? If so add it in the comments below!)

So, if you want to sound posh to your patzer friends, then call this attack the Fegatello attack. If you live in the Southern United States like me you will likely just continue to serve up a heaping-helping of Fried Liver. Mmmm.