Onward... My second meeting with my coach.

So yesterday I had my second meeting with my chess coach.  To review, a few weeks ago I started taking my chess study more seriously and I have been documenting my journey here.  As an adult in my 40s, I know this is a little more challenging than if I started this process when I was much younger.  

The concept of "adult improvement" in the chess world is well-known and a well-documented challenge.  Many chess players and scientists have written about this concept, some of which I hope to explore in this blog.

My meeting yesterday with my coach was incredibly productive.  We started diving into some checkmate patterns that I need to learn to recognize much better than I do now.  This involved doing some puzzles together that demonstrated some of the specific patterns, and we focused specifically on the back-rank checkmate.

The second half of the meeting involved reviewing a game I recently played and (happily) won.  Having someone who is a much more accomplished chess player review my game with me and analyze my moves was incredibly helpful and enjoyable.  It is truly amazing how much I sometimes miss when it is staring me in the face!  But I'm learning.

So the study plan for this coming week will be to continue to work on puzzles from range 800 to 1000 and keep a count of how many I get right as I do them.  And he asked me to aim for somewhere between 3-5 games this week as well.

Today I set up the puzzles in learning mode so I could set the level (800 to 1000) and selected "all puzzles."  I'm tracking my performance in a spreadsheet: 

So I will continue to share this type of performance evaluation periodically so we can see if I'm making any progress.  The average over 5 day section obviously is blank now since there is no date, but that should be interesting to see as time progresses.

I will keep at it and together we will all see what happens.