Image created with Crello. Used with permission.

I thought I would just drop in a quick post about my goals since I recently invited other similar newbies like myself to follow along with this blog.

So I'm in my mid-40s, and I recognize that I will never become a grandmaster.  Fortunately, I'm not looking for that. 

I have always enjoyed the game of chess and have studied it off-and-on for years.  But I always felt like I never got better, so after a few months I would drop out.  The last time I was playing seriously a few years ago, I was actually starting to improve.  I found myself looking for forking and skewer opportunities, which was definitely an improvement for me.

And here I am again!  A few weeks ago, I started to get serious again for chess.  So what does "serious" mean for me?  At best, an hour per day; at most.  I'm a busy professional, so I doubt I can commit any more time than that.  Oh to be 8 years old again and have hours and hours to play chess with a mind exceptionally better at learning than this old man!  LOL  Yeah, those days are forever gone.  So I just want to see improvement.

So my goal is to get up to about 1200-1400 or so in the next year.  As I write this, I'm bouncing around 600-800 which I think is what you get if you manage to put the pieces on the board in the right place.  LOL

What am I doing to go about this?  I will write more about that later.

Thanks for reading.