Finishing my upgrade to the Millennium ChessGenius Exclusive!

So if you caught my last two posts about chess eboards, I recently purchased the Millennium ChessGenius Exclusive ($599). I found it lacking in just a few areas, so I decided to do a few "upgrades" to it.

To recap, I added my own notation using vinyl lettering:

Unimpressed with the stock computer it comes with, I then purchased the Chesslink module ($99) that allowed me to connect my eBoard to other chess engines. I personally chose the HIARCS software ($49, $99; depending on the package you purchase).

You also may recall that I found the provided wooded chess pieces a little... wanting? I stated that I felt like the pieces are what would come with a $30 wooden chess set from your local pharmacy; not what I would expect to come with a $599 chess eBoard.

So after doing some research and watching some YouTube videos, I found that replacing the pieces was pretty simple. It was just a matter of removing the felt on the old piece using a hobby knife, and then transplanting the felt to the new piece:

Once that was done, the eBoard was able to detect the piece without any problems.

I looked at some different chess set options and opted for The Grandmaster Chess Set in Ebonized Boxwood by The House of Staunton ($109) with a 3.25" King.

Here is a side by side comparison of the old pieces (shorter) and the new pieces (taller):

The height and (especially) the weight of the new set is fantastic and was well worth the money.

So here it is, the final board in all of its glory!

So I now beg the question: Does choosing a new, more luxurious chess set and painstakingly transferring all of the sensors over make me a chess snob? My wife votes yes. happy.png

What do you think?