Continuing on my adult improver journey... More stats.

So I just finished my fourth coaching session and I also just completed reviewing another week of puzzle statistics.  So here is the breakdown of everything!

First, the coaching sessions have been fantastic.  It is amazing to me how much I do not see when I looking at some puzzles that my coach shows me.  Truly humbling!  I am continuing to work my chess vision so I can spot better opportunities in the game.

As for the stats, I'm still living around the 50% mark or so for puzzles rated 800-1000.  My coached warned me that my percentage will likely fluctuate wildly and that is the truth!  Here is the data:

So as you see, I am pretty consistently staying in the 50 percent range.

Now, how about my games?  My games are actually going okay.  I'm playing in two different tournaments right now and something rather interesting happened. 

Take a look at these two boards.  In both of these examples, I am playing black.  Both of these are games that I won by resignation... both within 5 minutes of each other... both with the exact same Ne2+, forking white's queen.  Here they are:



How wild that in two different games I played the same move, both within 5 minutes of each other.  Crazy!

Have any of you ever experienced any crazy chess coincidences like this?

That said, I'm still a no-good Patzer.    But I can feel that my coaching sessions and my studying are moving me in the right direction!  Here's my improvement chart over the past 30 days from data:

If you've read my prior posts, my goal is to get to 1200 by September 2021.  I still have a ways to go, but I am generally heading in the right direction!