Avoiding the traps in the Queen's Gambit Accepted.

Today I was in the process of trying to review some common traps for beginners so I can (1) avoid them and (2) look for opportunities to use them against opponents.  I was watching a great video by GM Varuzhan Akobian which was geared for beginners and in it, he covered two simple traps that black can fall into when playing the Queen's Gambit Accepted opening.  I wanted to share there here and document them for my future review.

First, just reviewing the Queen's Gambit Accepted.  Very simply, once you are at this position, this opening is called the Queen's Gambit Accepted:

I learned that there is a common trap here that black can fall into allowing white to win either a rook or a knight.  On turn three, white plays e3, allowing the bishop to attack black's pawn at c4.  The trap comes when black brins up pawns to support that pawn.  Here is the trap that results in a captured rook:

The second trap that can happen is if black brings a pawn up to support b5 by playing c6.  This results in white capturing a knight:

So there you have it... two very simple, very easy traps to set and watch out for.